Nour Alzaman Abou Chair

Founder & Creator


My name is Nour Alzaman which means “Light of Time” in Arabic 😊. I am an experienced teacher, having taught both Arabic and Dutch to non-native speakers. I hold a degree in Communication Arts: Translation & Interpretation from the Lebanese International University.

I am originally Palestinian and was born in Syria to a Lebanese mother. That means that the different Levantine Arabic accents have surrounded me ever since.

I have been a refugee my whole life! I have never had a settled life or a chance to travel anywhere, study more or work a well-paid job.

A few years back I took a huge step and decided to flee from the hard life in the Middle East that had been created by corrupt politics. I jumped on a boat and immigrated to Europe by myself on a dangerous trip.

I left behind everything I knew, went to the unknown, faced death in many forms to chase after my dreams, to build my ambitions, and most of all to find myself and my passion.

I worked so hard to rebuild myself from zero. I have faced a lot of challenges in the new society I am in and learned a lot from my old and new life.

In 2019 my life changed, when I earned the Dutch nationality and I was finally not a refugee anymore!

A few weeks later, i joined the Forward Incubator organisation to learn about building a business in the Netherlands, and for the first time ever, as a woman I was encouraged to go for it.

I have realised that I can now make my dreams come true because there are no more barriers, no more telling me: “You cannot do this.” or “You are not allowed to do that.” No-one can prevent me from taking a step any longer.

What’s more, I have finally found my passion in teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers. Not only that, but I found out that I am creative at composing study materials and in love with the idea of writing.

Therefore, I have decided to make my own business in the Netherlands, not only because I am allowed to and I can, but also to give myself the space of creation that I need. Add to that that i have a big dream:

I want to be a peace maker in this world, and bring people a step closer to each other, and the best way to do that is by learning more about each other!

This is how the idea of Arabic is Simple was born. Let’s say it is a combination of passion for writing, love for teaching and a big dream of peace among different cultures.

And this is just the beginning!!

Love & Peace,