Nour Alzaman Abou Chair

Founder & Creator


MarHabaa everyone,

My name is Nour Alzaman, and I am here to tell you a small story about my journey creating my own company. Arabic is Simple.

In 2020 after winning the 1st place with forward incubator competition in Rotterdam, the Netherlands for pitching the best business plan and after being voted by the audience as a public favourite. 

I hesitated a bit to start my business thinking that I am not ready yet, then Covid-19 lockdown started and I lost my job.

Here I found myself without any income or stability, and my head was filled with ideas that I wanted to make come true. So I encouraged myself to start the company, and put all my creativity in it.

I have started in 2020 by giving private lessons online, I’ve started with 2 students and with time I ended up with 20 in less than a year.  Most of them were people that work in organisations and foundations that help refugees, and they learned with me how to communicate on a better level with newcomers and be aware of the cultural differences. 

After all the positive feedback that I was receiving on how much my lessons have helped them increase the amount of communication in their work and how effective the results were becoming. I was encouraged to do more than private lessons.

So I started building trainings and workshops, and in 1 year i was able to provide more than 25 training to different organisations, that resulted in 98% of positive feedback as well as the amount of increased communication and help that was provided for my fellow refugees was great, people told me that with the things they learned in my trainings they were able to communicate on a better level and build a trust bong which helped them do an effective work helping others.

The problems that I was facing during these years of teaching, and giving training, is that most of my students or workshop participants didn’t have enough time to keep up with the learning process due to their work pressure. 

And since my job is to help these people develop their skills to put them to good use in their work, I decided to find a more effective learning method that doesn’t cost a lot of time or effort. to find a place where all can have a simple access to my created original products and benefit from them in order to help more and more refugees around.

So I created Arabic is Simple application that is available on the Apple store and Play store, with a small fee you can subscribe to have access to our materials and study them the way you want in the time you want. You can finish a package in a week or in a month, maybe less or more, depending on your time schedule.

It took me more than 4 years to build such a platform and to finish working on my products (which will be launched in order with time).

These long 4 years were filled with learning new things, developing my skills and alot of tiredness. Tiredness because I have been on a healing path from severe depression and PTSD, which gave me a lot of panic attacks and anxiety. i stopped alot and i came back again, every time I was going down and giving up, i reminded myself with my passion for teaching and writing and why am i doing this from the first place:

“ With more communication we can provide more help, with more help we can provide a more safe environment, and with a safe environment we can reach peace.”

I would be more than honored if you decide to join my journey with me to create more awareness and understanding for a different culture through learning the spoken Levantine  language. 

All you need to do is download the app, try it, subscribe and get access to all of what I have created in past years.

You can get more information here

Love & Peace,