Podcast Intro & description

Arabic is Simple
Arabic is Simple
Podcast Intro & description

welcome to Arabic is Simple limited series podcast in cooperation with Syrian professional network.

In this podcast, we have created 5 episodes about different business & social topics and interviewed 5 professionals from Syrian professional network, they shared with us their personal development experiences in the Netherlands, how did they manage to be where they are today, and what took them to achieve it? despite the cultural differences they have faced.

We will post one episode each month followed with articles about the topic you will be listening to.
The articles are designed to show whats between the lines in the episode.

Want to know more about Arabic is simple and Syrian professional network businesses, you can check the links to our websites and all social media platforms in the description, don’t forget to show us your support by clicking on the like button or sharing this episode with your network.

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Arabic is Simple

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We hope that you will enjoy and learn a lot from this work, our aim is to create more cultural understanding for more communication.

Love & Peace

Nour Alzaman

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