Arabic is Simple

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Learn more than a 100 Levantine words in 10 lessons only.

The Levantine beginners’ package is a good start if you are studying Arabic Levantine for the first time, it is also very useful to increase your vocabulary if you are already studying Arabic.

It is simple, use the Audios to study the words, then test if you have memorized them using the same audio.

If you would like to read them or practice writing them you can use the schedule that is written in Arabic letters.

You don’t know how to read and write Arabic? That is ok, the schedule includes the words in Latin letters and the translation.

Do you want to challenge yourself more? You have a couple of practice questions at the end of each lesson that teaches you how to practice and use the words you have learned.

It’s simple, joyful and doesn’t cost you a lot of time or money ☺ 

Set your goal and track your progress in one tap.

Download the app and you can find more details about this package: